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In 2013, Marita had lost all hope of ever reaching fulfillment and purpose in life. She was struggling to find healthy relationships, a career, happiness, and the ability to communicate with others effectively. After nothing seemed to make sense, she left everything behind and moved from Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised, to Silicon Valley with just three suitcases, no home, and little to no money. In the past eight years, she has become obsessed with personal growth, mental clarity, and how to find the perfect balance between well-being and performance. After many years of inner work, she found the tools and systems that she needed to find purpose, live a meaningful life, and cultivate healthy relationships.

The Meditation Journey...

As Marita experimented with meditation, her interest grew; she started to see first-hand how it helped her manage ADHD and how this practice helped her observe habits and patterns. She has severe ADHD, and to top it all off when she was younger, she was a partier and an adrenaline seeker. When she wasn't at a party, you would find her jumping from the highest waterfalls and surfing on the most dangerous beaches.

This led her to several near-death experiences, some of them even made it to the local news. Her personality patterns will always be at her core, but meditation has helped her recognize them. This led her to find ways to manage those patterns for the betterment of her decision-making process, overall performance, and to achieve a genuine sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment in life.

Now she works with people that are looking to take the small steps, that lead to big changes.

My Work

With my podcast, The Turning Point Podcast, you can gain insight and knowledge as I lead conversations with top creators and entrepreneurs. As we discuss both business, creative ventures, how to balance success, mental health, and how can all this improve your overall performance, on my Insight Timer profile, you can find a variety of free resources, such as live meditations, pre-recorded meditations, and talks, that showcase my passion and knowledge for the practice. If you are looking for free resources that will help you align your lifestyle with your purpose, I have created a section to help you get started.

Visit any of the sections below to learn more or to obtain your free templates.

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My Current Projects

I'm currently writing my first book:
“The Journey to Stillness - An Ex-Adrenaline’s Seeker Path to Resilience”
In this book, I share in detail my journey of how, as an ex-adrenaline seeker, I found mental clarity, fulfillment, and purpose. After feeling completely lost and overwhelmed with life, if you would like to learn more about the release date and book tour, I will share further details on Instagram and in my newsletter.

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